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The structure of Cosmopolitan GlassTM Electric Privacy Glass consists of two layers of annealed glass with a Liquid Crystal Interlayer encapsulated between them. Electrodes from a power supply are attached to the Liquid Crystal Interlayer. With no applied voltage, the liquid crystals are randomly arranged, resulting in difusion of light as it passes through the Electric Privacy Glass. This results in the translucent appearance. When a voltage is applied to the electrodes, the electric field formed between the two electrodes causes the liquid crystals to align, thereby allowing light to pass through with very little scattering, resulting in a transparent state.


Standard Features

  • Electric Privacy Laminated Liquid Crystal Glass
  • Power – 110 VAC
  • Comes with a transformer
  • Frequency 50 – 60HZ
  • Operation mode – ON transparent OFF translucent
  • Light transmittance – ON – 75% OFF – 67%
  • Haze coefficient – ON – 7% OFF – 87%
  • Privacy and security

  • Switches from transparent to translucent

  • High UV protection

  • Simple and safe to use

  • Maximum size: 60" x 120"

  • Indoor and outdoor


Windows, Doors, Conference Room Walls, Screens, Partitions, Cabinet Doors, TableTops, Video Projection Screens, Store Fronts, Advertising Screens, Reception Displays, Point of Sale Displays